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November 30, 2007



OK, so sue me, but I have been pretty faithful doing the morning pages, except when I'm on vacation, maybe. I really find the best chance for me to do them is before I get out of bed. Once I'm out, the task could go down the tubes.

As for Artist Dates, I hear you. I love your idea of an artist journal, though! I came across a similar concept in the business field and was thinking--why not apply it to writing or characters for a book I'm writing? Have I done it yet? No.

As for Artist Dates, I'll post my hint about how I sort of cheat this some of the time. Since part of Julia C's concept is for it to be something you do on your own, I've signed up for a class on a subject or activity I've been interested in but been putting off since I haven't done it before--I did a 4-week salsa class one summer that way. It's also how I started subscribing annually to the local opera house's season. I couldn't find anyone interested in going and decided to just go on my own. With 8 operas a season, I figured those could count as artist dates. Same with the salsa class. Yes, I end up meeting people there (I now have my opera buddies, and have made friends in various dance classes), but in the beginning I didn't, so it's like going by yourself. And it's doing something you're interested in--and challenging too. And for me, since I'm spending the money and reserving the time, I do it. Versus sometimes thinking, well, maybe I'll do X for my artist's date this week, but then blowing it off because I have so much to do.

Maybe this'll help someone else do their artist date for a few weeks?

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